The VA and the Female Veteran

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, Women Veterans make up 11.6% of OEF/OIF/OND Veterans (“Facts And Statistics About Women Veterans”, Department of Veteran Affairs.).  With the growing number of Female Veterans the VA has implemented the Women’s Health Program in order to provide quality care for Women Vets.  These programs are designed to cater to particular medical needs we have as women and assist in the transition back to civilian life.  The VA provides female Vets with the opportunity of choosing an all female medical team  in order to make them feel more comfortable when talking about medical needs or issues.  The Women’s Program at the VA provides basic health exams such as breast exams and yearly check ups but also provides assistance to other medical concerns such as weight management, menopause, and heart disease.  To learn more about the  VA’S  Women Health Program or to request to be seen by a Women Health provider contact your local Women’s Health Coordinator.   To learn more about the program you can contact national Women Veteran’s call center at 1-800-VA-WOMEN or visit the Center for Women Veterans website by CLICKING HERE.


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