As I watched the circus surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser and the tragedy that followed I couldn’t help but wonder: What if I told? Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was ridiculed, blamed and accused of being a liar for what transpired the night of the alleged attack. Of course there is no denying all this media attention surrounding it is political but her assault was not, it’s very real. I believe Dr. Ford, I believe she might have experience something that night that was against her will and has haunted her every day of her life since. However as a victim of MST, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by all the negativity surrounding this case. The comments of many, including women, have only validated what I feared for years…. It’s always the victim’s fault. It’s MY fault for putting myself in that situation, not his. It’s MY fault for staying quiet, not his. It’s MY fault for it happening, not his. If a woman like Dr. Ford can be crucified for telling the truth after so many years, what can I expect if I told?

ENOUGH! NO! It’s not my fault. It’s HIS fault for not being able to control his primal instincts. It’s HIS fault for using his strength to overpower me. It’s HIS fault for taking advantage of me while I was in a vulnerable state. Let’s stop judging one another as women and let’s start empowering each other. Let’s stop blaming the victim and start blaming the perpetrator. Let’s start teaching our sons to respect a women and to care for them when vulnerable instead of taking advantage.

I admire Dr. Ford for putting herself in a position where she knew she would be ridiculed for staying quiet. I have stayed quiet as many others have for fear of being treated like Dr. Ford has been treated but it’s time to wake up and stop blaming ourselves, the victim. How many of you will?