Just to share a little bit about myself, I joined the Army at the tender age of 19 and went on to serve honorably for 11 years.  I was stationed in Korea, Fort Jackson, SC and Fort Hood, TX; this last duty station I deployed to Iraq in 2006 and Afghanistan in 2011.   I was a Human Resources Specialist in the Army but did a little of everything, especially during my deployments.  I worked in Postal Services, Flight Line and was a Casualty Assistance NCO during my Afghanistan deployment.  I served proudly my country and even though I’m glad I got out I will never regret my time in the service.  I met all sorts of wonderful people of all different religious beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds in general.  Really made me see the world in a whole different way.

I started this blog specifically to shine light on the struggles Veterans go through once we leave the military service.  Specifically Female Veterans as we tend to be over looked and dismissed by a society who is use to praising the valorous job of our brothers in arms but refuse to acknowledge that in this modern era women are exposed to the same dangers as men are in combat.  Many still believe women serve in the military from the safety of their office and don’t realize many women are expose to the front lines.  So in a way, this blog is sort of like a venting session for me from my day to day experiences.  Read my blog and feel free to leave any comments sharing your experiences as a Female Veteran or share your perspective even if you’re not a female or a veteran.